A little about me

Hi. I’m Danielle Street. Mindset and mindfulness mentor. Welcome.

I am a mindset and mindfulness mentor specialising in helping women to live a soulful and connected life by identifying the key things that are holding them back and putting steps in place to make change create a life and work they love.

With a love of learning and visionary by nature, I am an explorer, a creative, a foodie, tea connoisseur, avid traveller, passionate writer, keen listener, a curious cat, a believer of possibilities and I find beauty in the little things in life.

I have lived a lifetime of not knowing what I wanted, confused and scared of what others thought; a recovering perfectionist I worried about taking and making wrong decisions but always knowing there was something more I was born to do. People I met along the way said, “wow, you have an amazing life. You are courageous”. Back then I didn’t see it but now I own who I am. It’s not perfect but that’s the way I like it – freedom to explore and be true to myself.

I started “my career” in corporate as a marketing and training professional, spanning twenty plus years, specialising in bringing visions, products and brands to life for everyone else but myself. As much as I loved telling stories, I realised that working in a traditional, out-dated corporate environment was not for me. I craved working with motivated, inspired, creative, entrepreneurial, kind and like-minded people with open hearts, curious to find out more about life, love and living and sharing those stories.

How did I change all of this? It took time and commitment as I peeled away each layer to face my fears, change my mindset, embrace self-love and slow my life down. I wanted real connection and time with family and friends, to feel and be present living with gratitude and grace. I took myself out of the spiritual cupboard, aligned my values and embraced my authentic self. During the journey and complementing my business skills, I also became a qualified coach, Reiki Healer, Magnified Healing practitioner and Oracle Card Reader. Using meditation and mindfulness tools, I came out shining even brighter as I moved from feeling invisible to visible. I took all the things I love and brought them in to my day to day living. There are small steps and big dives and it’s still a work in progress but I’m living life my way.

On my own heroine’s journey, I:

“To be seen as our trueselves and have presence. we need to be clear about what we desire, who we are, have belief in what we do and the courage to let go of what no longer serves us. If we do not love and believe in ourselves, how can others?”

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